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Come Out and Play!

Play is an important part of every child's development, and nothing beats playing outside and on the water!  Makapo's Keiki Krew Program at the Newport Aquatic Center welcomes kiddos ages 8 and up with all disabilities to learn about outrigger paddling.   We've created an inclusive recreational outrigger paddling program for kiddos, their family, and their friends.  By becoming more active in a team activity, participants will be able to gain 

the same physical and emotional benefits open to those who are not disabled. 

Krewzers Rec Team


The Krezers Team combines traditional paddling-focused sessions with educational opportunities to practice life skills while  engaging in an active sport that allows participants to reap both physical and social-emotional benefits.  Our highly trained and passionate coaches and staff create a safe and fun environment that helps o build connection between all participants to create a meaningful shared experience.

This is the next logical step after a kiddo has joined us for an Ohana Day or camp.

Coming Spring of 2023. Please sign up for our mailing list to receive information as we approach the 2023 stat date.

Keiki Krew Racing Team


Building upon the lessons learned in the Krewzers program, paddlers can graduate to the Keiki Krew Racing Team.  The team has an increased practice schedule to prepare paddlers for racing in SCORA races that will have them compete with other peers - without accommodations or adaptations.  Paddlers will learn to paddle 6 person canoes (OC6), 2 person canoes (OC2), and 1 person canoes (OC1) to open the doors for more participation.

Practices start in Spring 2023

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