Makapo Name That Tune

This will be a combination of Name That Tune and Family Feud Teams will be divided into two, each headed by a team captain.


The game will have as many “rounds” as there are players on each team (for example, if there are 5 players on each team, then there are 5 rounds).  


Round Play

1. Each round begins with a Head 2 Head where a clue will be given.  One player will state how many seconds he needs of the song he or she will need to guess the song’s title.  The other player can state a lesser number of seconds, and this continues until one player states they can guess the song in “0” seconds.  The song is played, if necessary, and a guess is made. If the guess is correct, that player’s team wins the Head 2 Head.  If not, the other player can guess. If those two players guess incorrectly, then players from each team guess until a correct answer is given. If no one can correctly guess the song, we all get very sad as if the world is ending.


2. The team that wins the head to head then guesses a series of songs from a certain category (I have some already pre-chosen.)  Each category has 5 songs and each player on the team will take turns until all the songs are guessed correctly or three incorrect answers are given.  Each correct guess is worth 1 point.   If, 3 incorrect guesses are reached, then the other team can guess the name of the song to “steal” that point.  We will use the Family Feud Style of stealing, where each player will make a guess and the team captain has to choose from those guess.



There will be a “Show Off” round.  In this round, a team will pick one player to name their favorite band, and that person will be given 90 seconds to guess as many songs as they can. Each right answer is also 1 point.


Super Secret Surprise