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Come out and Play with Makapo this year!

Makapo Aquatics is back this year with more in store for 2024, and we'd love to tell you what's in store.

🚣‍♂️ We're expanding our competitive racing team...

After serving the blind and visually impaired community for over 16 years, we're welcoming people of all abilities, those with and without disabilities. Alongside, we still have our recreational paddling team that does not have the same time-commitment that our racing team has.

🤙🏽 Calling all Keiki!!

Our youth-inclusive racing team is now Team Mixed Plate. We're now inviting youth ages 11 and up to discover how much fun it is paddle with others, whether they have a disability or not. Over the summer we'll also have one-week paddling camps, with more information coming soon.

🌇 Ohana Days

Our introductory group paddling events are a great way to enjoy being outdoors with family members in a safe, low stress environment. We’ll be hosting several for the general public, but we also schedule them for local service organizations like Beyond Blindness and Casa Colina.

🤝 How can you help Makapo?

We encourage anyone you might know who has a disability to come out and paddle with us at any of our events. Or, consider making a donation to Makapo. Whether it be a one time donation or a monthly, ongoing one, your generosity will us provide safe, fun and inclusive outrigger paddling programs for all.

🫶🏼 Special Thanks!

Our expansion would not be possible without generous donations from foundations and corporations throughout Southern California and the US: LA84, Kings Hawaiian, the Christopher Reeve Foundation, and many more.



John Daniel

Makapo Communications, Team Member

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