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The ways your donation will impact our participants.

Our fundraising efforts throughout the year are focused on brining the joy of outrigger paddling and all the benefits of outdoor team recreation to as many people in the disabled community.  For over a decade, we have relied solely on the generosity of individuals and companies throughout Southern California to develop programs that are unique and impactful.  As we move forward, there are some major needs to ensure we grow while maintaining a high level of value, safety, and Aloha.

Take a look and see what these larger items are and, hopefully, you can help us raise the funds to purchase them.  Mahalo for your generosity in advance!


How Many Do We Need: Two (2)


Cost: $60,000 ($30,000 each)


Why We Need Them: Currently, Makapo has two 6-person outrigger canoes (OC6).  In order to successfully expand our programs, we will need to purchase 2 more canoes.  The two new "unlimited" canoes we are looking to purchase are half the weight of our current boats.  This will make it easier for all of our paddlers to carry them to and from the water.  

Paddlers in an OC6 canoe.

2. Beach Access w/ beach trax

Cost: $3500


Why We Need This: Easier access to the water is critical for those using wheelchairs or that are blind or visually impaired using canes. Beach Trax is the solution.  Beach Trax is an innovative modular pathway system empowering people of all physical abilities to comfortably navigate themselves over the sand.  $80 will pay for one of the 44 panels needed.

A person in a wheelchair using the Beach Trax system on the sand at NAC beach.

3. staff salary & Training

Why We Need This: Makapo Aquatics' staff includes professional outrigger coaches, and licensed therapists, and program support staff. Their commitment is invaluable to the quality of our programs. Additionally, continued training through conferences and summits enhance their contribution. Our volunteers receive first aid training to ensure safety.  To balance the cost to our participants and their families and the need to maintain a well-trained, energetic staff, Makapo must use donations to offset those costs.

Makapo paddlers, staff and coaches posing for a photo with the NAC behind them.
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